K Linx is an INNOVATIVE PLATFORM for payment reconciliation. It deals with those processes that are normally carried out by the back office in manual mode and which concern the acknowledgement for each payment of the person paying and what he is paying in order to record the payment.

The platform automatically performs these operations. The greatest added value emerges in the sector of unstructured payments. These are payments that do not rely on specific references such as pre-printed bulletins, a MAV or an SDD but rather on free text descriptive reasons. Wire transfers represent the typical form of unstructured payment, but K Linx also automatically manages handwritten deposit slips.

The company is currently working to direct the IT components, that make up the platform, towards the development of neural networks. “It serves to emulate as much as possible the reasoning of a person in the analysis of payments especially those that are unstructured – explains founder Mario Farris – and to reduce as much as possible doubtful cases, meaning those in which the intervention of an operator is required”.

The K Linx team aims at creating a platform able to operate in total autonomy, in which human intervention is required only for monitoring correct operations but only from an IT operation point of view.

This company has an intrinsic vocation towards internationalization: in dealing with payments it knows the standards starting off from the European SEPA standard and the international SWIFT standard.

“We are very interested in presenting our platform in other countries of Europe and overseas,” says Farris, explaining that he has chosen to join the Fintech District community “to become part of an ecosystem where contamination takes place every day, both at the level of ideas, and at the level of technologies and strategies. It is a type of cooperation whose outcome can only be positive ”

Last November K Linx was among the startups that participated in the Salone dei Pagamenti, “a great experience” according to Farris who promises: “we will also return next year with important news, especially regarding developments in the neural networks”.